C Programs

C Program to print Employee’s ID and Salary.

Input: Input the employees ID: 0342Input the working hours: 8Salary amount/hr: 15000 Output: Employees ID = 0342Salary = U$ 120000.00

C Program that accepts two item’s weight and number of purchases and calculate the average value of items.

Input: Weight of item1: 15 Weight of item2: 25 No. of item1 purchases: 5 No. of item2 purchases: 4 Output: Average value = 19.444445

C Program to calculate the product of two integers.

Input: Enter the values of a and b: 5 6 Output: The multiplication of two integers is: 30

C Program to convert specified days into years, weeks and days.

Input: Enter the number of days: 1329 Output: Years = 3Weeks = 33Days = 3

C Program to print multiple variables.

Output: a + c = 212 x + c = 89.134590 dx + x = 3.276183 ((int)dx) + ax = 1234567891 a + x = 127.134590 s + b...

C program to find the perimeter and area of rectangle.

Input: Enter the length and breadth of rectangle: 2 inches 3 inches Output: Perimeter of rectangle = 10 inches Area of rectangle = 6 inches

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